How to Learn a Language in a Month – Get Jia Li’s FIRST Ever eBook!

Jia Li has her first eBook coming out soon!

“How to Learn a Language in a Month” will be coming out between February 2018-March 2018! In this eBook, Jia Li will go over specific, simple steps to seeing HUGE advancement and improvement in any language at a low cost, within just 30 days.

In the book, she will discuss…

  • The various study methods for fast results (ex: speak from day 1 method, 50 words a day method, most common words method, etc.)
  • Top best efficient and low-priced resources for learning
  • How to incorporate language learning into your daily life
  • Coming up with your own learning strategy
  • Getting creative with your studying
  • Her personal experience with learning Spanish in just one month

And much more! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your language skills to the next level, or start that language you’ve always wanted to learn!

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A Word from Jia Li!

Hey guys! I am SO excited to introduce to you my very first eBook, which is expected to come out between the next few weeks of this month (February) to the beginning of March.  In this eBook, I want to go in-depth with you to discuss on a personal and experienced level of what language learning really looks like.

There’s no reason to be scared, and there’s no reason to think that you can’t learn a language (or at least, gain tremendous improvement and fast results) in 30 days.  It is absolutely possible, as I talked briefly about in my post about how I learned Spanish for free.

But, why should you buy my eBook? Here’s everything it contains and all I have to offer you:

  • My personal experience
  • In-depth chapters and content that you won’t find anywhere else on the web
  • Not only how to learn a language, but how to strategize and make it happen
  • Focus on efficiency over speed, but how you can achieve both simultaneously
  • A guided step-by-step plan to be on your way to speedy improvement

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3 Simple Parts of this Book

Part 1 – Learn about the different strategies and methods language learners use, and how to achieve fast results.

Part 2 – Coming up with your own strategy to make your dreams become reality.  Learn how to actively plan efficiently, effectively, and successfully.

Part 3 – Explore how to make your study schedule and routine fun, creative, and innovative.  



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