English Lessons

Learn English with Conversa English

Conversa English was started by me, Jia Li, to help and inspire you to learn and improve your English.  By taking a language class from Conversa, you are getting the chance to have a 1-on-1, personal lesson and/or conversation with me on Skype.

To start, choose whether you want your lesson to be structural or informal.

Structural lessons means that I will put together a lesson plan for you, and our Skype lesson will be learning new things and doing drills.

Informal lessons means that we spend our Skype lesson having a conversation in English, and if you get stuck or don’t know a word, I help you.

Your Conversa English Class

When you schedule a lesson with me, I use a variety of resources and materials to help you.

In each structured lesson, I try to use…

  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Web articles & magazines
  • Conversations
  • Interactive journalling
  • Homework assignments

English Classes

Structured Beginner English – $15.00/hour 

One hour of English class for beginners.

Learn new words, sentence structures, practice listening skills, learn how to read and write, and practice speaking with conversations through this 1-on-1 Skype lesson.

In this class, I will use…

  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Web articles
  • Flashcards
  • Conversations

to teach you to the intermediate level.

In this class, you will…

  • Learn about English culture through music, videos, and web articles
  • Practice your speaking and conversational skills through free talks
  • Learn new vocabulary words and put them into sentence
  • Feel confident when speaking and listening to native English speakers


Structured Intermediate English – $15.00/hour

One hour of English class for intermediate learners.

Learn more advanced words and sentence structures, take your listening skills to the next level, understand and comprehend stories and web articles, and learn how to speak faster and more confidently with native speakers.

In this class, I will use…

  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Conversations
  • Free talk
  • Online materials
  • Books and stories

In this class, you will…

  • Get more experience and more comfortable speaking with native speakers
  • Learn how to express yourself more freely
  • Understand most of what you read and hear
  • Learn American slang
  • Enjoy English at a more advanced level

Conversational English – $10.00/hour

One hour of free talk and conversation in English.

This class will be…

  • Free talk
  • Introducing new words as we converse
  • Learn slang words and phrases
  • Have topic-based conversations

This class is recommended for intermediate and advanced learners.

Informal English Tutoring – $10.00/hour

In this class, I will…

  • Help you study with any materials you provide
  • Help you prepare for tests or future classes
  • OR help your conversational skills by leading a free talk

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